We’re an innovative, award-winning managed lovebet滚球 services provider that 与你工作 to build and maintain an lovebet滚球 that helps you meet your business’s goals.

We’re an innovative, award-winning managed lovebet滚球 services provider that 与你工作 to build and maintain an lovebet滚球 that helps you meet your business’s goals.

lovebet买球 is a boutique lovebet滚球 services company that provides small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the lovebet滚球 guidance, structure, & 支持他们成长.






而其他MSPs只是管理你所拥有的, we offer enterprise-level advice on how to improve it and can help you get there. lovebet买球 combines high-level advisory support with top-tier services in one affordable package.

我们是全天候运作的. 黑客不会睡觉,我们也不会. lovebet买球器昼夜不停,我们也是. 当你打电话时,我们会接.

Our contracts, SLAs, and pricing are clear as day, so you always know what you’re getting. Our automated service notifications and in-depth reports and reviews keep you informed and in control.

We’re knowledgeable when it comes to all the latest trends in cloud, 数字转换, 虚拟化, 容器, 物联网, 5G, 和其他人, but we don’t treat our clients like guinea pigs — we only deploy the technologies we know and trust from real experience and testing.

我们从不会在问题上砸钱. We always work to find the best solution at the lowest price for our clients, while making sure that the solution actually works and isn’t a cheap, 暂时的权宜之计.


我们是音乐爱好者. 自豪的父亲和母亲. 企业家. 星球大战书呆子. 80年代电影鉴赏家. 和所有人一样,我们爱我们的狗.

What we share is a genuine passion to help our clients solve their lovebet滚球 problems and use technologies intelligently to support and enable their growth. 当涉及到it时,我们知道自己的东西.


    • 解决ransomware感染
    • 保持完美的安全 & 正常运行时间
    • 在公司扩张的同时保持lovebet滚球成本稳定
    • 定制工作流,以匹配他们的24/7时间表

This manufacturer came to lovebet买球 with a problem – they had just been hit with a ransomware infection that was paralyzing their manufacturing operations, 每天花费成千上万. 

lovebet买球 promptly fixed their ransomware infection, 恢复业务, 并启动lovebet滚球清理/周转. Our consultants/account managers worked closely with their leadership team as virtual CIOs to plan their lovebet滚球 to be more stable and modern, and to ensure it helped them achieve their goals as a business. 

The manufacturer enjoyed essentially 100% 正常运行时间 on all critical lovebet滚球 infrastructure, and never dealt with another major security breach again, even though manufacturers are top targets for cybercriminals seeking intellectual property or trying to extract ransoms from businesses that can’t run without specialized technology.

We also adapted custom workflows and SLAs for them as they were a seasonal business that ran 24×7 operations during Q4, keeping the system locked down and stable during this period and responding to all alerts and issues especially quickly.

    • CSAT成绩超过98%
    • 管理lovebet买球 & vCIO
    • 当大流行来袭时,切换到全远程
    • Supports thousands of students and administrators

lovebet买球 has handled all the lovebet滚球 needs for the 美国犹太大学, a private university in Los Angeles with tens of thousands of students, 多年来. Managers and staff both love the support they get from lovebet买球, with a CSAT score of over 95%.

+, their executives receive high-level lovebet滚球 advice and guidance on the direction and status of their lovebet滚球, helping them make decisions on what sort of products to buy, 例如, and what new technologies they should use for new university initiatives.

They say it’s only when things get rough you find out who you can really trust, 当冠状病毒在2020年初袭来时, AJU found that they could trust lovebet买球 to help them quickly and smoothly switch over to remote working and classes via video conferencing.

我们在短短几天内就完成了转换, helping their teachers keep teaching and students keep learning despite the extraordinary circumstances. And when teachers and administrators were ready to go back to the office, 我们支持他们, 太.



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